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Now, using your recommendations, we had much smoother days, experienced far less crowds and had a much more enjoyable time.

Even my husband, a veteran traveler for work who hates to be scheduled and balked at your itinerary, by the end of the trip, he was singing your praises.

For more on what makes sense for kids that age, see this page: could spend your entire trip at Magic Kingdom–2 or 3 mornings, one afternoon (for the parade) and one evening (for the evening parade and fireworks.)Seeing the evening parade and fireworks at MK on your arrival night would be a good us of time…Think this stuff over, and take a look at that page, and let me know what you think! We are visiting Disney from February 10 through the 14th in 2013. Is this a good week considering the ride closures based on their age?

We like to do a princess meal and mickey breakfast and would love your suggestions on places that are a must see for first-time visitors. My wife and I are taking our 10, 8 and 5 year old to WDW from September 28th to October 5th to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary.

We did modify the itinerary to meet our needs, the weather, etc but it all still worked. I loved your site, and what a pleasure it was to gain valuable insight for free right on the web. I’m a thorough researcher (and WDW veteran as a child) and have to credit your site as a very important tool in making my 6 yr old daughter’s first trip an absolutely wonderful experience….thanks! We are arriving April 19th and our trip was (almost) completely put together from information on your site (including which days to go). I know that you reccomend Destination In Florida as the travel agent to use. Nikki, they are, as the top right of their website indicates ( ), but I don’t know of any actual official list of authorized Disney agencies…let me see what I can find out…Hi Nikki! We were actually one of the very first travel agencies asked to be the “test group” of Earmark Agencies.

of course little girl LOVES princesses, older one HATES them 6 year old tall enough to ride some bigger rides, younger one isn’t). My only thought is that if you are gonna miss rides from 9-10.30 or so the 17th anyway, why not shoot for a later Crystal Palace bkfst–or even lunch?

I am a frequent visitor to the “happiest place on earth”, and have become very knowledgable about planning, visiting, eating, avoiding crowds and lines, how to use EMHs to our advantage, etc, and know the parks like my own neighborhood. Mary MVMCP lets you see the MK evening parades and fireworks and catch a lot of rides without the crowds you’ll see on the 17th and 18th.

Never the less, I am finding so much information that is helpful even to a seasoned guest like myself, especially the detailed info regarding best and worst weeks to visit. I think you’ll find it worth it…but it’s not my money!

However, this trip was lightyears better than our previous trips because of your wonderful advice! visited during the right season/week for us (December 3, 2011) and boy, did those changes make a HUGE difference in the quality of our experience.

Unlike prior trips (which were all short 2-3 days), this time we 1. During prior trips, we always felt a little lost, like we were missing events or strategies that would make our day better, and the crowds were a huge bummer.

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