Black speed dating in charlotte nc

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Please send feedback to [email protected] Over and over again Mila and Laura fucked each other until they both passed out from exhaustion.They then went right back to fucking each other, until eventually one by one they all had to leave for their next projects.“As for you, you can eat my cunt.” Laura told Kristen. ” “Sorry Mila.” Natalie quickly apologised dropping to her knees and crawling over to her girlfriend. This earned her more encouragement, mostly in the form of dirty words which made Natalie blush, although she much preferred the hand cradling her head and pushing her deeper into the yummy treat in front of her, and of course the constant moans, groans, gasps, whimpers and cries that constantly slipped from the lips of her gorgeous former co-star.Natalie dreamily watched Kristen do as she was told, before she was awoken from the sound of Mila’s voice, “Hello, Earth to Natalie! “Honestly, you’re so embarrassing sometimes.” Mila complained, before moaning as Natalie went to work, “Mmmmm, but your talented tongue makes up for it. Which were quickly joined by similar sounds, and words, from Laura. Mmmmmm, eat my cunt while your little girlfriend eats my ass.” Laura moaned happly, “Yesssssss, your girlfriend is doing such a good job at eating my ass Kristen, mmmmmm, she always does, but especially when you’re eating my pussy, OH FUCK, I love having two little blonde sluts munching my holes, ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhh, eat it bitches!

Luckily her two tops weren’t too far away from each other, so it didn’t take Hayden long to crawl the short distance between them and bury her face within Mila’s cheeks and start doing the same thing she had been doing to Laura, that being eagerly licking her ass, not just lapping up and down but swirling her tongue around the hole so she could give it a proper massage.Oh yes, Natalie remembered how amazing it felt to get tongue fucked by Kristen while Hayden’s pretty little face was buried in between her cheeks, so part of her was very much jealous of Laura.She also knew the joy of teaming up with one or both of the blondes to make Laura or Mila feel good, so another part of her wish they would help her out now.Especially when they then started grinding their asses back against her face.Although it was more fun when she was the sole focus, as the two tops seemed more focused on Natalie and Kristen tonguing their pussies.

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