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This began with analog 1G networks, but built significant interest with the development of 2G digital systems, particularly the Global System for Mobile Communications.

Early cellular pricing policies from many carriers encouraged users to text in place of a voice call, but with the advent of unlimited voice plans that also included texting, many cellular users began to take advantage of the convenience of texting. Texting has affected culture with the introduction of new vocabulary, such as abbreviations like "RU" in place of "are you," and the use of pictographic symbols known as emojis in place of specific words and phrases.

A broadcast capability that enables multiple client devices to simultaneously receive the same message is also included in SMS standards.

If you want to feel closer and have much more fulfilling conversations even if you're apart, video chat is absolutely the way to go.

If you've ever felt too shy or hesitant, take solace in knowing that your relationship will truly flourish once you get over your worries.

However, texting is differentiated by its broad carrier, platform and device support; simplicity and ease of use; global availability; and cultural pervasiveness.

Users send messages through SMS (short message service).

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