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The winning entry will receive a cash prize of 00.In addition to the exhibition, there will be talks, portfolio reviews, and workshops. Pictured: Home of the brave 14 December ‘Heroic Times’ presents a selection of iconic imagery from the archives of Steve Schapiro at Howard Greenberg Gallery.The exhibition is collated from a wide range of student work, including portraits, landscapes, and still lifes.This year, the showcase will culminate in the inaugural Wentworth Selborne Award for a single outstanding, technically adventurous photograph.Through his 60-year career, 83 year old Schapiro has captured key moments of American history and pop culture, with commissions to capture portraits of celebrities, politicians, and artists.

He takes people’s portraits in contrast to the city’s sleek architecture and enlarged monuments, in order to capture the individual experience amid Pyongyang's highly crafted, political persona.Opened yesterday, the exhibition explores the photographer’s recent journey through isolated territories of former Yugoslavia including Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo and Croatia, uncovering a series of gargantuan, concrete monuments commissioned by the late President Tito.Employing analogue film techniques alongside traditional printing processes, the photographs cast a window back in time at these statues. Pictured: Go platinum 29 November This year saw the 70th anniversary of Camera Press.The pre-released batch provides a sneak peak into the high quality of entries in the open competition for the best single image, with striking aerial landscapes, intimate portraits, wildlife shots and stolen moments – like this one caught at a kite competition on Marseille beach in France.Pictured: anniversary of Magnum photos, four of the agency’s current photographers have responded to an inspiring narrative from Magnum’s archives, supported by Olympus.

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