Dating rules for divorced parents ny post dating

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You might say: "I know this is very upsetting for you.

Can we try to think of something that would make you feel better?

The most important things that both parents can do to help kids through this difficult time are: Adults going through separation and divorce need support — from friends, professionals, clergy, and family.

But don't seek support from your kids, even if they seem to want you to.

Give kids enough information to prepare them for the upcoming changes in their lives.

Some kids try to please their parents by acting as if everything is fine, or try to avoid any difficult feelings by denying that they feel any anger or sadness at the news.

Sometimes stress comes out in other ways — at school, or with friends, or in changes to their appetite, behavior or sleep patterns.

When possible, minimize unpredictable schedules, transitions, or abrupt separations.

Especially during a divorce, kids will benefit from one-on-one time with each parent.

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