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A template helps you with the layout of your documents.

They also show you what elements you need to include in your letter, such as introductions and body paragraphs. A template gives you a suggested structure for your documents, so you can quickly start writing.

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Read below for advice on how to use Google Docs templates, and advice for using resume and cover letter templates in general.

It is important that your resume and cover letter are professional and polished.

For example, if a cover letter template only has one body paragraph, but you want to include two, you should do so. Just follow the steps below: Once you have created a final version of your resume or cover letter, you'll be able to store it on Google Docs, update it, use it to apply for jobs, and share it with hiring managers and recruiters.

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Google Docs offers a variety of free resume and cover letter templates that job seekers can use as a starting point to create a professional-looking representation of their skills and experience.

To use a Google Docs template, you'll need to register if you don't already have an account. Here's how to store and share your resume online with Google Drive.

Some companies have created add-ons that you can download with resume or CV templates, usually for free. There are also resume and cover letter templates that you can access through other platforms, programs, and databases.

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