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This is a great opportunity for retailers; 62% of businesses reported that customers spend more time in-store after they introduced free Wi-Fi.This could lead to more sales and engagement with your brand. You can also provide devices for customers to use while at your store. This can be a way for customers to learn more about your product, engage with your app, take and post photos with your product, test out your product and more. Give your customers a break and encourage them to sit back and relax while in your store.Many nail salons offer a complimentary glass of wine.And shoppers who have a bit of alcohol flowing might spend more money.Grab a table and a multiple device charging station similar to the one below from Houzz.Add some signage to draw your customers’ eye and you’re done.Even further, take some inspiration from Dick’s – an outdoor and fitness product retailer — which has indoor rock climbing walls in select stores. It’s a welcome break after walking around the mall.

Help them with a pain point and offer free Wi-Fi in your store.Provide them with something they need or that can make their shopping experience better, even if it may not be related to shopping on the surface.Ever notice how crowds of people gather around charging stations at airports and such?This can be accomplished with lounge-like areas that have entertainment options and refreshments, as well as other comforts.Televisions can be a great way to make customers feel at home.

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