Guerilla dating tactics invalidating a patent with prior art

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SW: Upon graduation I had no plan so I moved back home with my mother and my new stepfather. There were Sunday jam sessions in town, and I attended one. King with his band, and shoot off of the James Cotton Blues Band.My father had died at 41 of a massive heart attack. I sang two tunes I’d never choose again— tunes that show how green you are — “Lady is a Tramp” and “Summertime.” On that day the comedian, David Brenner’s, producer was also there. To impress me, he invited me to his rehearsal that day. I really had luck being in the right place at the right time.SW: I had such a bad rep at home that I refused to go to college unless they could find a college that no one from my high school was going to.I had some drama in my life and Hofstra had a good Drama Dept so I ended up there.

DA: And then you started writing self-help books based on your workshops?In high school, my home room was a little desk outside the principal’s office.I was voted Class Night Owl and possibly Detention Queen.I started writing a book named after my workshop called, “Fifty Ways to Find a Lover.” Not knowing that writing a book was difficult and getting an agent was even more difficult, I bought a book on how to do that, followed the chapters and got myself an agent. Nan Talese said, “The author is very cute but she has no credibility.” I did sell the book, but I took the rejections seriously.And, even though I didn’t know a social worker or what it was, I applied to Hunter School of Social Work and was accepted.

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