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The button will also indicate the loss of Prayer points by gradually fading out – similar to the behaviour of the life points button.

This should help prevent you accidentally running out of Prayer points, and finding yourself suddenly vulnerable to your opponent's attacks.

Bones can be obtained by killing various creatures, by taking bone drops that other players leave behind, or by collecting the bones that spawn in various places, such as in parts of the Edgeville Dungeon or at the Chaos Temple in the southern Wilderness.

Demon ashes can be obtained by killing demons or by taking demon ash drops that other players leave behind.

The notes state that prayer is actually energy harnessed from the dead by giving them a proper burial.This new function allows players to place many of the most useful prayers on immediate standby.However, many players use the button simply to turn off Prayers when accessing prayers through its tab, by double left-clicking it to turn off all prayers.Indeed, Yauchomi, the former Lumbridge Prayer Tutor, also stated that burying bones raised the player's Prayer level by increasing their "holy energies".The actual connection between Prayer and the gods of Gielinor, including Saradomin as well as others such as Zaros and Seren, is that the unique energy obtained by giving the dead a proper burial could be channelled into receiving certain boons or curses, which may be aligned with a particular god.

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