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(Janine's Genie) Understands some of the annoyances that Egon had to suffer when visiting her family, especially her bratty nephew Victor Irwin.

And when Northern Exposure happened and it got picked up for 50 episodes, the first thing I wanted to do was move back to Texas. I just have the best memories, and it’s been my favorite show ever. ) Fritz adds that because of this toy is why he's always described her VW as yellow in his fan fics Despite owning a car, often takes the subway to work. (Ghostbusters) Once won a black and white Television on a game show. Accidentally released the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse from the Codex of St. (RGB 3-D Annual, RGB #7, #8) Is scrupulous enough to pay for a purchase even though the shop owners have fled to worship demons.(A Ghost Grows in Brooklyn) Is shown as left-handed. (Rollerghoster, The Brooklyn Triangle) Has a friend named Marie who is dating an Orthodontist. But she thinks reading is a fabulous way to spend your spare time. (Station Identification) Is good at guessing sizes. (RGB #10) Thinks Ray "Is the bravest idiot I (She) ever met".Social Security Number is 1 (Ghostbusters 2 Novelizaion) Family lives in Canarsie, Brooklyn, NY. Has a Father (Fritz Melnitz), a Mother (Denise Melnitz), a Sister (Doris Melnitz Irwin), a Nephew (Doris's bratty son, Victor Irwin. Used to have ghosts living in her apartment, but she busted them.Victor is a brat; he squirted Egon in the face with a water pistol twice, and he likes to terrorize the family cat.), a Grandmother, an Aunt (Bella, who apparently works in city records or a newspaper.) a Brother-In-Law (Doris's husband, Joshua Irwin.) and a Cousin named Michelle Jacobs (Who by 1990 has a son, Alec Aaron Jacobs, named for his ancestor: Aaron Jacobs, the first disabled Congressman from New York.). Likes plants; has knowledge of flowers and their care; has at least 15 on a table at her apartment.

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