Most intimidating police cars

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The department is led by a Police Commissioner assisted by Deputy Commissioners of Operations (often shortened to Deputy Ops) and Administration.The Police Commissioner answers directly to the city mayor and outlines the departmental goals enforced by the Deputy Commissioners.In this article we focus on the basics of what you should and shouldn’t say when pulled over for speeding. Dealing with the Police Firstly remember that when you are pulled over and booked for Speeding, the Speeding Incident is ALLEGED and not Proven!

However, the issue has gotten so out of control that drivers are being pulled over for speeding without any merit.

When a member of our team was recently pulled over for a speeding offense he did not commit, he followed a very simple guide in dealing with the Police officer and the matter is now going to court with the help of Scott from Speeding Fine Consultants.

We will be using that case (successful or not) as our study case, but in the mean time, we are going to run a series of articles outlining the different processes involved in fighting unfair speeding tickets.

Demerit Points on Australian Licenses and the loss of Australian Licenses can and does cause severe hardship to many people nationwide.

This is not a terrifying ordeal as Speeding Fine Consultants provide you with ALL of the information that you need to represent yourself.

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