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Other than his neighbor, he was miles from another living person.

His desire to be alone after his divorce had come to fruition, as the abandoned church seemed like his love life, used and broken.

Justin noticed the house he bought was brand new, and was a modular house that was moved on to the property by the farmer who owned the farm he lived near.

Justin was happy to have both someone to talk with, and even help move boxes when needed.

The steeple still had the cross on top of it, but the siding, shingles, and paint was all in need of repair.

Justin pulled into his new driveway and stared at his new life as it began to finally sink in.

Using his 401k and some money from the sale of a few things he got in the divorce, he was able to buy a small one bedroom house in the country.

There were no houses on the road as it had a nice view of a cattle farm to the right.

As the drive continued, he saw two houses at the end of the road.

The purchase was a risky gamble that could blow up in his face, although the broker reassured him of the value of the house.

Not one for buying stuff online, the broker was able to send as many pictures as possible, and Justin was not about to make the trip from two states away.

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