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At the end of the semester I found out that I had missed all mathematics lessons. The new teacher was a young tall slim and very pretty woman.She wore huge glasses which made her different from others. After the lesson I came up to her to discuss the situation.I have fantasized about her all the time: mainly getting fucked by other men in a variety of settings.My wife is 5”6, big tits with nice round nipples that get so hard when she is horny.(Read More…) Popularity: 4% The student really wants to get an A but a teacher doesn’t think so, she’ll make the student do the dirty things and there’s nothing to do, but to agree.The student’s ass is going to be tested, and it’s going to be a real hard test… I was a good student but used to miss some of the lessons.

The waves of bliss took over her body again and again, but something inside her was either getting weak or getting stronger. He noticed that and told her not to worry, that she will do just fine. And when he thought of her taking her clothes off in front of him he felt sweet warmth down in his pants. ” and made himself stop thinking about her hot booties. “You can dance if you like” – he said and took his camera. Music, camera, lights made her feel like a real porn star. He finally saw those pink nipples and she started playing with them with her wet fingers. Her fingers touched pussy and she moved them round and around. ” “Oh, yeah…” – she mumbled and didn’t take her eyes of his dick. He had a rule of his own to never get into bed with models and he has never broken that rule. She was giggling and slowly began to move along with the music. She turned left and right and with her back to the camera. ” He clicked again and again and he liked more and more this photo shoot and the sexy confident girl in front of him. She moved her finger lower to the whole inserted it inside. It was so wet in there her finger slipped down to the rose between her but-cheeks. He came really close-up and took pictures of her flowing pussy. He turned her on her back getting ready to satisfy his lust and … It took me long to explain everything in detail, and she might forgot about my suggestion if not pleased. He wanted to make love with her as soon as possible. Once, when I was buying some beer in our local shop, I stumbled over Emilia, my wife’s ex workmate. Emilia was tall and pretty charming, nice fanny and really big boobs!

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