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One of ten built by the council during World War II, it is one of only two now remaining, the other at the new roundabout on the Gilford Road, and a rare example of public air raid shelters in Northern Ireland.In 19, the town centre was devastated by two large car bombs planted by republicans.In one of the worst atrocities of the rebellion, in November 1641, Irish rebels forced about 100 captured English and Scottish settlers (or 'planters') off the Bann bridge and they either drowned or were shot.

This district was named after the dominant local clan—the Mc Canns (Mac Cana) From 1594 until 1603, the O'Neills and an alliance of other clans fought in the Nine Years' War against the English conquest of Ireland.

There are two small wetland areas on the outskirts of the town; one at Selshion in the west and another at Annagh in the south.

The Ballybay River flows into the town from the west before joining the River Bann.

The project involves teenagers from both of Northern Ireland's main communities.

The goal is to foster goodwill and friendship between them.

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