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We highly recommend you do not divulge this number to anyone. You can get your monthly balances through: Where can I pay my credit card? What should I do if I do not receive my statement of account?

You may check your balances via online banking or e SOA.

Note: Complete Cash Back Mastercard credit cards do not earn points.

Yes, rebates will be awarded as the amortization is billed.

You will earn 1 Rewards Point for every P20 usage on your card. Where can I check how many Rewards Points I have earned? What is the income required to have a Complete Cashback Credit Card?

Points earned can be used to redeem rewards items such as airline miles, items, electronic gift certificates. Your total rewards points are reflected in your monthly statement of account. To apply for a Complete Cashback Credit Card, the applicant must have a minimum gross annual income of Php 360,000. All are qualified for rebate so long as the merchant falls under the Gas MCC Code 5541, as determined by their acquiring banks. For utilities, do I need to go to the merchant to have my card swiped at Point of Sales (POS)? Only swiped transactions where card is physically present are eligible to earn rebate. No only local retail transactions are qualified for cashback.

It empowers you to match your spend to your lifestyle by choosing which card you want to exhaust the limit on (without the need to submit additional requirements)—whether it’s Complete Cashback, Rewards Platinum or Mastercard Rewards.

How do I request for credit limit increase If you find that the credit limit currently provided to you is insufficient, you may request for a credit limit increase through the hotline at 88-791-88. You will only be notified if there any unusual or out-of-pattern transactions made on your card.

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