Updating microsoft streets and trips

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Version 2011 is mainly a database update adding 88,000 miles of new mapping to the program and the removal of support for the ending MSN Direct service and coupon data, while allowing direct map correction feedback to maps provider Navteq and the addition of cardinal direction guidance and alternate road names to direction data. On July 7, 2014, Microsoft announced the discontinuation of Streets & Trips.This version came out in February rather than the traditional August/September release date. Although Microsoft continues to provide mapping solutions as apps for its Windows operating system, Microsoft will provide online support for current users until July 14, 2015.Microsoft Streets and Trips comes with a price tag of just .95, the Redmond company has indicated, referring to the plain vanilla flavor of the product.At the same time, customers have the Streets and Trips with GPS Locator available for just .99.The company has yet to go public with a press release announcing the retirement of these two mapping services, but the Redmond giant has quietly mentioned the fate on both the services' websites. Map Point was first released back in 1999 and made it easier to view, edit, and integrate maps into software. In this regard, as of April 6, 2009, Streets and Trips 2008 Construction Update, Map Point 2006 and Streets and Trips 2007 Construction Update, Streets and Trips 2009 and Map Point 2009 Construction Data Update, and Streets and Trips 2006 Construction Update are up for grabs from the Microsoft Download Center. If you plan to save money by going on an affordable staycation, then why not spend a little cash in order to get Microsoft Streets and Trips and the best route to a road trip limited by recession?

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This can be used offline, though the map data must be initially downloaded before use on a state by state, province by province basis. Voice navigation is provided to GPS-enabled devices.Droid Jason1 (3589319) writes Microsoft has killed off two of its mapping products, Map Point and Streets & Trips.Both of these services have received their last update and will soon be retired in favor of Microsoft's premier mapping product, Bing Maps.The map of Mexico now includes street level data of even small towns, but the address-find feature still has not been enabled for there.Version 2010 adds hide/show pushpinsets, hide/show information balloons, import/export GPX files, export to GPS navigation device, export to mobile phone, and 348 new pushpin symbols were added, the majority restored former pins as mentioned above.

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