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(Source: Microsoft - Last updated in January, 2012) The following damage-proof tips from Microsoft itself, can help you improve your slow computer performance.

These examples are for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

(Source: Colby-Sawyer College - Last updated on January, 2009) This article by tech specialist David Levine here concerns that more constant and pervasive slowness that affects everything one tries to do on the computer.

The following will give you a good start at diagnosing and correcting issues that slow your computer down.

Your computer is indeed filled with hidden functions and services whose existence you may barely know.

Most of the times, such a large number of unnecessary background services running is one of the main causes that slow down your computer to a crawl without any valid reason.

(Source: Free Computer Guru - Last updated on January, 2011) In this article you will learn how to operate on your computer to regain the speed you had when you first bought it.

By removing unnecessary programs, cleaning up your hard-disk and updating your software you can make tangible improvements to the performance of your machine.

You are scared that by disabling this and that you will damage your machine for good and maybe lose all the data stored on your computer. Here, thanks to Harsh J Chouraria, aka Qwerty Maniac, who generously contributed his research work, is an effective guide to help you identify those popular unneeded Windows services that you can safely shut to fix a slow computer. To make your optimization job even more effective, in this Master New Media guide you will also find a list of relevant articles and videos that share valuable tips to fix a slow PC once and for all.

I built an application to help manage services and processes.

You can group services and processes together and start/stop the whole group in one shot instead of individually. because ms doesn't have a return to default settings on this. to copy screen into 3 of 4 screen shots then print it out.

You probably have heard people telling you that you can speed up your computer by stopping these unnecessary Windows services. Why on Earth would you need a service controlling your printer 24/7 or network capabilities enabled if you have only one computer running?

It's a better idea then to roll up your sleeves and get rid of all those unwanted Windows services.

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