Who is gemma styles dating

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Kind hearted and extremely compassionate, he begins a teaching job where he meets Louis.

Elder sister to the very popular and much adored, Harry Styles, Gemma grew up in his shadows rather than it being the other way round. Despite having a brother who became popular and successful while still in his teens, her love, adoration and sheer pride for him never wavered even one bit.

Harry llega tarde por su hija ese día, Mía está encantada con Louis, Beth quiere que la enseñe a multiplicar...

y Harry, bueno Harry no perderá la oportunidad de invitar a Louis a su casa.

Will the relationship they worked so hard to put together, tear apart from Louis worrying about getting a job and stressing about which college he is going to get to, and Harry worrying about their relationship in general and college?

How much can they really take before they give up and go their separate ways?

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