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BBC Three have firmly established themselves as a leading online channel and to match their ambitious plans the videos have to always be up-to-the-minute, appropriate for the audience, funny and very well executed.

The format that we’ve created for this video campaign is funny, viral, sharable social videos that help to engage with, grow and entertain a demanding BBC Three audience.

Last Tuesday evening, many people watched in horror as Nev Wilshire, CEO of Save Britain Money, forced his workforce into sing-songs, threw marker pens at the back-room yawners and took a far too active interest in his employee's love lives. But once the initial shock of seeing Nev in action had sunk in, we were left wondering whether this was simply a carefully edited reality show, scripted but made to look like a fly-on-the-wall documentary. The man certainly loves an audience as tonight's second episode proved.

Whether belting out Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah in his finest baritone or dad dancing as part of office band The Diallists (really), Nev often gave a knowing look to the viewer.

The BBC has said the closure of the TV channel would save £30 million, which would be reinvested in BBC One drama.

Sky1 has also bought Don't Tell the Bride and will start broadcasting the wedding programme in the summer.The video is shared across BBC Three’s social channels and so must first catch the eye of the audience as they scroll on their devices, then it must resonate with them because of the relevance of the subject matter and the humour in the videos.The main challenge with this work is in always trying to create something new and different, and to break new ground in social video content.The Anchorman/election video was a perfect example of this and is something we are incredibly proud of.The same can be said for our David Attenborough vs Love Island video, which was the perfect piece of content for our target audience.

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